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Czellár Gábor (Journey Into Sound aka Czellux) is a Goa trance producer from Hungary. He was born in 1980. and in his very young age felt in love with electronic music. Although he was interested in various styles, he chose the way of Trance because of its melodic and diverse sound.

He started playing music on Comodore64 and a simple synthesizer, but he continued developing his own sounds and style as modern computers and technology evolved.

Czellux met the psychedelic music by accident at the end of the 90?s but it immediately took a huge impact on him. He started his carrier as a Goa trance DJ, aiming to popularize this style in Hungary. In addition to many gigs, he was writing his own music represented later to the audience as Journey Into Sound. Acid and trance elements join together in his music and tell different stories with its atmosphere. During his live performances, he works on disconnecting himself from this reality and bringing his audience with him. His sound is euphoric, yet deep and layered at the same time, very melodic and expressive as true Goa trance should be.

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