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"I was experimenting with music under the alias Vox for almost 20 years as a trance, drum'n'bass and goa trance DJ and producer.

After a short period of being a bit fed up with music, I got back to making music in 2002. I started to learn much more about melodies, arrangement, sounds, mixing. This resulted in an album called Inner polarity, which was released in 2007 as a free download on Metapsychic records. I also started playing gigs in Serbia and Belgium, and continued to make music, in a somehow slower pace.

But after a while something happened, a lot of things in my music drastically changed as a reflection of changes in life, so I had to transform somehow, to reflect the inner changes I experienced. It is the same story as before, yet quite different at the same time.

Therefore, I decided to change my name as an artist to Omnivox and create this page - a new media, a new name, but still with strong connection to the old name. This change is best shown in my album Fragments on revolution, released on Spacedock records in summer 2014."

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