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Zopmanika is a Nitzho-Goa Project created by Bojan Taneski from Ohrid, MacedoniaBorn in 1992, he discovered his passion for music 14 years later when he startedplaying guitarHis main influences back than came from rock and metal music and he Formed a metal band in 2007,shortly after he started listening to Electronic musicin 2011 he started writingand learning how to use FL studio 8,he was exposed to Goa trance after going to a random party

After exploring goa trance he decided to give it a shot and created Zopmanika making as many tracks !At the end of 2014 after getting in touch with Yanai Jascourt (Shivax) and EliasGits (Agneton)He Joined the wonderful label "Sita-Rec" and became a part of the Nitzho FamilyIn 2016 he released his first album called " Mysteryland for (SITA REC)".

After his first Album he continues to work with some other labels and he produced couple tracks on several compilations : track ''Cosmic Infuence'' was released on V.A Svemirski Hod (Neo Goa Records) " Celestial Eye " on VA Star Path (Mamomam Records) " Look Into your Self " on VA - Protozoa Vol 3 (Sita Records)" Cosmic Intelligence" on VA - Goa Meditation ( TimeWrap Records )Since march 2016 he is part of Cosmodelica records and produce 3 tracks for (VA mACIDonian Tales) : " Bodhisattva " ," Flower Of Life " and " Connecting Galaxies" colab with InnerSelf.

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