Fiery Dawn

Giorgi Shavgulidze, a Psychedelic/Goa trance and Psychedelic Chillout artist from Tbilisi, has several EPs and compilation appearances under his belt, primarily on Ovnimoon and Timewarp but also on Global Sect's recent "Terraformer" 4CD monster.

Giorgi's mostly known for his up-tempo work: driving, melodic and acidic neo-goa sound, but is no stranger to slower tempos either - his "Into The Deep" EP released by Mamomam Records is a great testament to that.

Gio has been producing electronic music from the begining of 2000s. After listening to bands like Astral Projection, X-Dream, Electric Universe, etc. he got inspired and started to compose his own music. Fiery Dawn has an unique style, tracks full with deep intense feelings and esoteric themes.

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