EP Psychoz - Gone With The Rain
Posted in February 15th at 16:10 by Miraceti

"Gone with the Rain" combines years of experience in multigenre production with Psychoz constant desire to innovate resulting in a four track excursion through his latest styles.

"Sometimes, when you're tired of the banging, high-tempo and twisted psytrance music, all you need is something soothing, more gentle and organic... Enter Psychoz "Gone With The Rain" EP! While not exactly a chill-out album, it definitely resides on the mellower side of the psychedelic spectrum, drawing inspiration - and borrowing lots of samples - from traditional middle-eastern music, quickly placing you in the world of "Arabian Nights" or "Alibaba and Forty Thieves". The EP gains in tempo, gets thicker and more hypnotic up to track 3. By the Winds, mixing in some light electronic elements, until it winds down in a bassy, mysterious track Sky Rising. Check this out if you're looking for something different than the usual psy-chill or chillgressive."
- Antic 604


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CD 1.

  • 2. Psychoz - Gone with the Rain 5:30 103bpm